With the engine/transmission unit removed from the car, remove the clutch cover, the flywheel and clutch assembly and the flywheel housing, following the relevant steps given under the appropriate headings previously. It should be noted that the engine oil must be drained from the power unit during removal.
If required, the crankshaft primary gear can be removed from the end of the crankshaft, together with its thrust washers.
Remove the bolts securing the radiator to the lefthand engine mounting bracket and detach the radiator assembly.
If required, remove the oil filter cartridge or filter bowl from the filter head.
Remove all the nuts, bolts and spring washers securing the engine to the transmission casing, then lift the engine to separate it from the transmission unit.
Remove the gaskets and oil way sealing ring from the joint faces, and the oil sea] from the front main bearing cap.


Installation is basically a reversal of the removal procedure.

Ensure that the joint faces on both the crankcase and transmission casing are clean and free from old gasket material before fitting new gaskets on the transmission casing. Check that the oil feed 0-ring is in good condition and correctly in place at the oil feed hole on the transmission casing flange.
Lubricate the new oil sealing strip before fitting it in position at the engine front main bearing.
-Lower the engine onto the transmission unit and fit and tighten the securing bolts and nuts.
If a replacement transmission unit is being fitted, it will be necessary to check the idler gear end-float before finally assembling the flywheel housing to the unit. The primary gear assembly must be removed from the crankshaft for this operation.
a) Fit the existing thrust washer onto the longer spindle of idler gear shaft and assemble to gear to the transmission with this end into the transmission casing.
b) Using two thin washers of suitable inside diameter to fit over the idler gear shaft, interpose a piece of dental wax between the washers and assemble them onto the flywheel side of the idler gear .
c) Fit a new flywheel housing gasket onto the engine/ transmission unit flange and assemble the flywheel housing to unit. Fit the housing securing nuts and bolts and tighten to their specified torques.
d) Now remove the flywheel housing and discard the gasket. The gasket must not be re-used when finally assembling the housing.
e) Carefully remove the two washers with the dental wax interposed and measure the total thickness of the assembly with a micrometer. From the measurement figure obtained, subtract 0.004 - 0.007 in (0.102 - 0.178 mm) to give the specified gear end-float.
f) Select a thrust washer of the required thickness from the range available. There are four sizes of thrust washer from 0.132 to 0.139 in (3.35 - 3.53 mm) in stages of 0.002 in (0.05 mm).
g) Assemble the selected thrust washer on the idler gear, refit the primary gear with its thrust washers and backing ring and fit the flywheel housing using a new gasket.