CONVERTER HOUSING OIL SEAL The converter housing oil seal can be replaced with the power unit in position, once the torque converter has been removed.
Remove the old seal from the housing by hooking or levering it out of its location. Ensure that the bore in the housing is clean and undamaged.
It is important that the new seal be fitted to the correct depth in the housing in order that the drain hole behind the seal remains open.
Measure the depth of the housing from any convenient point on the front face to the undercut face . This measurement will be approximately 3/8 in (9.5 mm), but should it be more or less, the difference must be either added or subtracted from this figure.
For example, if the dimension of measurement obtained is 3/8 in, fit the seal flush with the front face of the housing. If the measurement is less than 3/8 in, fit the seal proud of the face by the difference of the measurement obtained.
The converter housing face is not machined, therefore the initial measurement position and that used when fitting a new seal must always be taken from the same position on the housing.
Lubricate the new seal liberally with clean engine oil then press it into position in the housing to the depth determined previously. Ideally the same tool as is recommended for replacing the Flywheel Housing Oil Seal should be used with a different adaptor ring , but it should be possible to install the seal by merely pressing or tapping on the outer diameter if care is used.