To replace the left-hand engine mounting the radiator must first be removed as detailed in the COOLING SYSTEM section.
Support the engine assembly with a jack placed under the sump. Remove the two long through-bolts securing the mounting bracket to the gearbox casing . Remove the two nuts and bolts securing the mounting to the sub-frame.
On models with the one-piece radiator cowl, if the cowl was left in position on the car, remove the two bolts securing the bottom of the cowl to the engine mounting bracket and lift the cowl out of the engine compartment.
Remove the engine mounting bracket assembly complete with the engine mounting. The mounting can now be unbolted from the bracket, and the new mounting fitted in its place.
Refit the mounting bracket assembly and radiator in the car, following the reverse sequence of removal.

Right-Hand Side

To replace the right-hand engine mounting, the clutch cover should be detached from the engine assembly as detailed for clutch replacement. The engine mounting can then be unbolted from the clutch cover and the new mounting fitted in its place .