PRIMARY GEAR OIL SEAL The crankshaft primary gear oil seal is located in the flywheel housing and if worn or damaged can be replaced with the power unit in position in the car. However, a special tool is required to withdraw the primary gear and oil seal and unless this tool is available it will be necessary to remove the flywheel housing as detailed previously in order to renew the seal.

1. Remove the clutch cover and the clutch and flywheel assembly as detailed in the CLUTCH & MANUAL TRANSMISSION section.
2. Remove the 'C' shaped thrust washer and backing ring securing the primary gear on the crankshaft.
3. Withdraw the primary gear and oil seal from the flywheel housing, using the special puller tool (18G 1068B), as follows:-
a) Screw the centre-bolt of the tool securely into the end of the crankshaft.
b) Pull the primary gear outwards as far as possible.
c) Pull the body of the tool over the centre-bolt until the groove in the primary gear is visible inside the tool.
d) Fit the two half collets of the tool in the groove in the gear .
e) Turn the winged nut of the tool anti-clockwise to withdraw the primary gear and oil seal clear of the housing.
f) Remove the tool from the crankshaft and withdraw the primary gear and oil seal.
4. Fit the special adaptor (tool 18G 1043) over the primary gear.
5. Lubricate the new oil seal liberally with engine oil.
6. Fit the seal protector sleeve or tape over the splines of the primary gear to protect the lips of the new seal and slide the seal onto the primary gear. Remove the protector sleeve or tape once the seal is in place.
7. Smear the primary gear front thrust washer with grease and fit it onto the crankshaft with its chambered edge against the shoulder on the crankshaft.
8. Slide the primary gear with the oil seal onto the crankshaft until the gear teeth start to engage with those of the idler gear. The oil seal should now be contacting the housing bore while still being seated on the sealing surface of the gear.
9. Fit the tool over the crankshaft and screw the winged nut in a clockwise direction down the centre-bolt to press the seal into the housing . The seal is correctly fitted when the base of the tool contacts the lip of the housing bore. Remove the tool and adaptor.
10. Refit the backing ring and 'C' shaped thrust washer on the crankshaft.
11. Finally, refit the clutch and flywheel assembly.