Camshaft -refitting On 1275 cc Cooper S engines the tappets (cam followers) must be fitted before installing the camshaft. Lay the engine on its side and slide each tappet into its correct bore, generously lubricating it as you do so. Now install the camshaft as described below.
1 Wipe the camshaft bearing journals clean and lubricate them generously with engine oil.
2 Insert the camshaft into the cylinder block taking care not to damage the camshaft bearings with the sharp edges of the cam lobes (photo).
3 Push the camshaft back as far as it will go and, if the oil pump is in position, ensure that the camshaft flange has mated with the pump drive.
4 Place a new gasket in position and refit the front cover (if previously removed) (photo).
5 Now refit the camshaft locating plate and tighten the three retaining bolts to the specified torque (photo). Check the camshaft end float, referring to the figures given in the Specifications.
Timing gears, chain and cover - refitting Before reassembly begins, check that the packing washers are in place on the crankshaft nose. If new gearwheels are being fitted it may be necessary to fit additional washers (see paragraph 6). These washers ensure that the crankshaft gearwheel lines up correctly with the camshaft gearwheel
1 Refit the Woodruff keys in their respective slots in the crankshaft and camshaft, and ensure that they are fully seated. If their edges are burred they must be cleaned with a fine file.
2 Lay the two gearwheels on a clean surface so that the timing dots are adjacent to each other. Slip the timing chain over them and pull the gearwheels back into mesh with the chain so that the timing dots, although further apart are still adjacent to each other (photos).
3 Rotate the crankshaft so that the Woodruff key is at top dead centre.
4 Rotate the camshaft so that when viewed from the front the Woodruff key is at the two o'clock position.
5 Fit the timing chain and gearwheel assembly onto the camshaft and crankshaft, keeping the timing marks adjacent (photo). If the camshaft and crankshaft have been positioned accurately it will be found that the keyways on the gearwheels will match the position of the keys, although it may be necessary to rotate the camshaft a fraction to ensure accurate lining-up of the camshaft gearwheel.
6 Press the gearwheels into position on the crankshaft and camshaft as far as they will go.
Note: If new gearwheels are being fitted they should be checked for alignment before being finally fitted to the engine. Place the gearwheels in position without the timing chain and place the straight edge of a steel ruler from the side of the camshaft gear teeth to a crankshaft gearwheel, and measure the gap between the steel rule and the gearwheel If a gap exists a suitable number of packing washers must be placed on the crankshaft nose to bring the crankshaft gearwheel onto the same plane as the camshaft gearwheel.
7 Fit the oil thrower to the crankshaft with the concave side forward (photo).
8 Fit the locking washer to the camshaft gearwheel with its locating tab in the gearwheel keyway.
9 Screw on the camshaft gearwheel retaining nut and tighten securely (photo).
10 Bend up the locking tab of the locking washer to hold the camshaft retaining nut securely.
11 Generously oil the chain and gearwheels.
12 Ensure the interior of the timing cover and the timing cover flange is clean. Examine the condition of the timing cover oil seal and renew it if damaged or worn. Then, with a new gasket in position, fit the timing cover to the block (photo).
13 Screw in the timing cover retaining bolts with the flat washer next to the cover flange and under the spring washer. Tighten the respective bolts to the specified torque.
14 Fit the crankshaft pulley to the nose of the crankshaft ensuring that the keyway engages with the Woodruff key.
15 Fit the crankshaft retaining bolt locking washer in position and screw in the crankshaft pulley retaining bolt. Tighten to the specified torque (photo).