Torque wrench settingslbf ftNm
848 cc, 997 cc, 998 cc
Bottom cover retaining 1/4 in UNC (change speed tower)68.3
Connecting rod big-end bolts3548
Crankshaft pulley nut7096.8
Cylinder head nuts4055
Distributor clamp bolt:
Fixed nut type5069
Fixed bolt type3041.5
First motion shaft nut90124
Flywheel centre bolt110 to 115152 to 159
Flywheel housing bolts and stud nuts1825
Gudgeon pin clamp bolts2534
Main bearing set bolts6083
Manifold nuts1520
Oil filter retaining nut1622
Oil pump retaining nuts912
Rocker cover bolts45
Rocker shaft bracket nuts2534
Set bolt, driving strap to flywheel1622
Set bolt, clutch spring housing to pressure plate1622
Tappet chest side cover bolt23
Timing cover 1/4 in UNF bolts68.3
Timing cover 5/16 in UNF bolts1419.5
Third motion shaft nut90125
Transmission case studs 3/8 in UNC811.1
Transmission case studs 5/16 in UNC68.3
Transmission case stud nuts 3/8 in UNF2534
Transmission case stud nuts 5/16 in UNF1825
Transmission case to crankcase68.3
Water outlet elbow nuts811.1
Water pump nuts1723.5
970 cc, 1071 cc, 1275 cc Type S
Connecting rod big-end bolts4664
Cylinder head nuts (Qty 10)4258.1
Cylinder head front bolts (Qty 1)2534
Driveshaft nut150207
Main bearing set bolts (early type)6792.5
Main bearing nuts (later type)5778.5
Automatic transmission
Converter centre bolt110 to 115152 to 159
Converter (six central bolts)22 to 2430 to 33
Converter housing bolts1825
Oil filter bowl10 to 1514 to 20
Transmission-to-engine securing nut1216
5/16 in UNF bolts18 to 2025 to 28
3/8 in UNF bolts3041
Input gear nut7095